The Binary Program

Most Network Marketers are trying to achieve what is called, ' Residual Income ', which is money continuously earned for efforts already accomplished. This is an Internet Marketer's dream, however, those dreams are only achieved with a lot of hard work, other key factors and a good, solid ' Compensation Plan '. There are several Compensation Plans, the first plan I will discuss is ' The Binary Program '

Binary Programs are very popular. They basically have two legs where you must try to balance the growth potential in both legs. Payment is usually made on the weaker of the two. This is how it works... In order to generate payment you actually need four customer's in one leg and two in the other OR three customer's in both. This balancing act does have it's pro's and con's.

The advantages of ' The Binary Program ', is it's very fair. It's offered to ' quick sales oriented ' people as this is a fast way to make a quick buck.

The disadvantage is the bonuses usually max out at anywhere between 10k and 40k a period. This puts sort of a ' lid ', if you will on your earning capabilities.

In a nutshell, Binary Programs do pay out well at the start... with the beginning sales. Thus, making it easier for your downline to earn money and keep their interest peeked. Unfortunately, the downside is, because, they pay out so well up front they tend to not remain in business for too long. Approximately, 90% do not last a full year, topping off with about a 2-3 year average life expectancy. But, if you're in it for quick cold cash this could be the program for you.

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