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Binary Options Trading System (Striker 9) - Everything you need to know about binary options trading systems, Trading binary ... to trade Index binary options strategy - Index Binary options system review.
Once upon a time, for the vast majority who liked a punt, their only recourse was fixed-odds betting. You picked the event you wanted to punt on (usually sporting), you'd find a bookie who would quote you odds, you'd decide how much you were willing to gamble, place your money and await the outcome. If the even went in your favour, you would collect the winnings; if it went against you, you lost your stake money. And betting shops were such filthy places, populated by a collection of needle-eyed, chain-smoking Chavs and Ninjas (No Income, No Job or Assets), that it took more courage to enter the establishment than it took to potentially lose your stake money.
But, just as recent society has cleaved a sharp barrier between the benefit-fed and the wage slave, so recent advances in technology and the fact spread betting has breached the confines of The City means investors can knit hedge funds from the comfort of their armchairs. Spread betting is versatile, quick and easy. You can trade a number of different financial products on one account and deal sizes are flexible so you can bet in amounts that feel comfortable to you. More importantly, it doesn't nail your feet to the floor with the fact you have to be in the bet for the duration (like a horse race or footie match), as you can get in and out at any time. Once you've discovered spread betting, you'll leave fixed-odds betting to Chavs and Ninjas.
Perhaps the most high-profile trader is spread betting Guru, John Piper who made his first trade in the early 1980s and has been driving Porsches ever since. Piper is no stranger to writing books on trading, as his The Way to Trade proves. In the gospel according to John Piper, trading is a life experience - it is not like any other business. The beauty of trading is that it becomes an expression of your own personality. The truth, says Piper, is that good traders don't do - they simply are. And to become a good trader you have to create a model built around an approach that suits you. The Way to Trade is Piper's way of helping you do just that. The book introduces a way that allows traders to discover and explore their individual trading personality, isolating strengths and weaknesses to construct and apply trading systems with confidence and discipline in the face of the "herd" instincts in the markets.
Piper's credo is that old Chinese proverb of "give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach him to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime". Rather than write a book that would be the trading equivalent of Sinatra's My Way, Piper seeks to help traders develop an approach to the markets that is based on their own perceptions and notions of greed, fear, loss, etc. As John Piper himself once said to me: "There's no point passing on your fear of spiders to someone who's not afraid of spiders, but who has a morbid fear of snakes". Quite. But the world of trading is changing dramatically – so say hello to Binary Betting, both the concept and Piper's new book.
Piper is generous to acknowledge Sally Nicoll as the person who introduced him to the concept of binary betting. There's a neat symmetry here, as it was Piper who helped Nicoll – then a novice trader – to develop her own system of trading, which she outlined in the book Bets and the City. So Nicoll outlined the concept to Piper who, he admits in the introduction of this book, became a convert and was quickly hooked.
In recent years betting on sporting events and the trading of financial markets have been moving closer to each other, and binary bets are the result of this convergence. Binary bets combine the attractions of sports betting with the flexibility of the financial markets.
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