Trading Binary

There is a new trend in online trading, and that is binary options trading. Since more and more people want to trade on the global markets, it is very important to simplify the process of trading and make it easier for everyone.

The main reason why binary options are so successful nowadays it's the fact that it is the simplest way of trading, and people like simple things. You don't have to be an expert trader in order to understand how digital options work. The only thing you need to know to be successful in trading binary options is the direction where the market will move. No more problems with placing the orders, calculating risks and rewards, margin calls, stop losses and other complicated parameters.

In binary options trading you have only two options: win or lose. You know exactly how much you will win or lose before buying the options. You don't have to worry about slippage, liquidity or margin calls. If you buy a binary option with 75% reward and 10% refund you will get 175% if the option is a winner or 10% if it is a loser.

Binary options have predefined deadlines, so you don't have to wait for the market to reach a certain level. You know exactly how much time it is left before the option expires, making your options portfolio much easier to handle.

A simple example of options trading shows how easy it is to trade with binary options. Let's say that you consider that the gold price will raise by the end of the day. You will buy a Call option on Gold with a reward of 75% and a refund of 10% from your broker with the deadline at the end of the day. If the closing price of Gold is higher than the price when you purchased the option you will have 75% profit in less than a day.

Making the same profit in the same period of time would have been much more difficult with normal trading. If you buy a CFD for Gold you don't know how much you will win by the end of the day, even if the market will raise, because it depends on the price difference. If it is only a small raise the profit will be very small too. Another big disadvantage of normal trading is the risk of losing more than planned, if you don't use stop losses. If you use stop losses to avoid dangerous moves, you can end up hitting your stop loss before the market recovers and moves in the desired direction. This way you can end up losing money even when you predicted correctly the direction where the price will go the end of the day.

You can decide how much money you invest in every digital option, meaning that you have complete control over your investments and risks.

Considering all the above advantages, it is no wonder why more and more amateur and professional traders alike start trading binary options and make a steady income out of it.

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